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Here are some quick facts about me: 


1) My favourite number is 3. I think it's the perfect number , especially for decision making. No tie breakers needed. It also carries a lot of symbolism for me. The best things in life are 3!


2) Originality and authenticity are some of the qualities that I value in myself and in others. I try to cultivate space for people to express their authentic selves and I hope that these qualities are expressed in my writing and through any interactions we may have.


3) My favourite flavor combination is sweet and spicy. Jalapeños and pineapple? Sweet Thai Chili? Honey Garlic? Yes yes and more yes.


That's all the secrets I'm willing to share right now. I don't want to tell you too much and ruin all the fun involved in getting to know me. Be sure to check out my latest post and I look forward to having you on this journey!


Love and Light,



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