"Summer" Wardrobe Faves

It’s summer time. School’s out, time to make some quick money before your annual trip to Florida to stock up on clothes, shoes and every likkle ting weh cheaper fi buy a foreign. 

This is obviously a flashback. I have a 9-5 job and I haven’t taken that annual Florida trip in about 4 years. Also, it's October and j'm just finishing up this post about "summer style".  Adulthood sucks. 

This year I made a shopping list for my Mom, complete with photos and she did a really great job at following the list. I have taught her well. While I was making the list I got to thinking about a few pieces that I have recently added/want to add to my closet. I haven't done a style post in a while, or any post at all for that matter, more on my blog hiatus later...so here goes!

We should know by now that I love to highlight local/black/women designers and artisans, so of course this list will include a few.  

Here are the three* pieces that I think you should consider adding to your wardrobe!

1. Fanny packs/belt bags/small cross-body bags  -  I am so happy that fanny packs and tiny bags are having a moment.  I still struggling with packing light but I still keep trying. I was "hands free" all summer and I'm trying to keep that same energy! QuaintbyGSC makes some adorable African print fanny packs that are the perfect size for your "essentials". We're packing light and living light for the rest of 2018! 


2. Slip on Sandals - Well firstly , I am not a slides girl. I find them uncomfortable and bulky. I also don't do flip flops unless at home or near a body of water. It's safe to say that I am a strong believer in shoes with straps. For some reason however, slip on sandals have been calling my name. There is something easy and breezy about them that is really attractive to me. I took the leap and purchased a very inexpensive pair a few weeks ago and I am so happy I did.  The pair I bought was rose gold which makes it very easy to wear with almost everything. It's also quite comfortable and they haven't fallen off my feet...yet.


3. Bold earrings - these are everywhere and I hope they are here to stay. I love bold statement earrings and especially with my short cut, they are a very easy way to look "dressed up". I am particularly fond of vintage earrings and handmade pieces. Most of my vintage pieces are from Shop TWL which is also black women owned. For bolder handmade pieces, I am currently loving Beth Autumn Art clay earrings. I was able to get a custom made pair (pictured below) so naturally I am a fan.  I appreciate any brands that allow for personalised products.



Are there any pieces or trends that you've been loving or wanting to try? 



Love and light,


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