Skin Care Cha Cha Cha

It feels like my skin struggles have become the bane of my existence. I feel like I make serious progress every couple months and then I get a major breakout or an eczema flare up and then I am back where I started. 


I did what is clearly becoming my yearly dermatologist visit earlier this year after struggling to treat a rash that's been taking over my back. Turns out it was "Keratosis pilaris", a skin condition that causes dry, rough patches as a result of keratin buildup. As with eczema , it's treatable but no curable. Ain't life grand? 

I got medication for that as well as the acne that was threatening to take over my face. See what I been about taking steps back?

Well while I was trying to figure out my skin, I got very into the Korean 10 step routine and Korean products in general. I've jumped down the rabbit hole, so to say and K-Beauty is definitely Wonderland. The Korean 10 Step Routine takes a little bit more time but it's definitely worth it. A quick google can tell you all about the routine so I won't bore you with those details. *please see infographic below*


I will however highlight some of the key aspects of the routine :-

1)The Double Cleansing - This is foundation of K-Beauty! Oil cleanser first then water based or gel cleanser. It guarantees that your face is clean before you start applying anything else. I used to save double cleansing for days when I wore makeup but thanks to a recent video from my favourite Twitter aesthetician ( , I have been double cleansing every night.

2)Essences - These are highly concentrated treatments that are key to the Korean skincare routine. They vary in consistency from watery to almost gel like and they treat a myriad of skin concerns. 

3) Actual number of Steps- The routine can vary anywhere between 5 and 10 steps. My morning routine is 7 steps and my night routine is 8 or 9. I really only get to full 10 on weekends when I can relax and throw in a face mask.

I do switch up my products from time to time and because I am using prescribed treatments I have to ensure that I use those as well. I’ve come to realize that the order in which you are applying your products also plays a part. It should be from lightest to heaviest to ensure that each product gets a fair chance to work its magic.

There is however one step which isn’t a part of the routine that I have added and seen the benefits of doing so. Oils! I used to think that oils added hydration skin and hair. They don’t. They moisturize. Yes there is a difference. They also seal in the hydration which is necessary when you have dry skin. So I started adding face oils ( I rotate between rose hip , raspberry seed and marula) as my final step to really seal in all those products and skin has never been more hydrated...or more shiny. But with the air conditioning at work pulling a lot of the hydration and moisture from my skin, a little shine is worth it. 

I can’t say that my routine nor my skin are anywhere near perfect but I’m learning to just go with the flow and make my way through the steps of the skincare cha cha. 

Do you have a skincare routine? If you don’t, get one. Like now. How do you feel about "k-beauty" products? 


Love and light,


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