Self-Care's March...still early enough in the year for it still to feel "new". Enough time has also passed for us to get back on track for those resolutions that haven't been going too well. *writing one post per month, cough cough*

There is always time to make a change. In all fairness I started this post in February, does that count for something? I sure hope so. 

While drafting this post , a friend of mine asked me to write a few words about "self-care"  for an article she was crafting. My normal MO would be to politely decline but this year is the year of "bold moves" so I said yes. 

For some reason every time I hear the words "Self-Care" , I hear Mac Miller's voice singing to me , "....Tell them they can take that bullshit elsewhere...Self care, I'm treatin' me right....Hell yea, we're gonna be alright..."

I don't want to share the full text of my submission , just in case it does get published, but it really did get me thinking. 

What does "Self-Care" mean to me?


I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s easy to pretend that self-care is crystals, clay masks and at home spa days but really, self-care is hard work. It’s about putting yourself first and for some women, self included, it’s extremely difficult.

It’s not just about the masks and the crystals , which i’ll admit I collect both with abandon, it’s about really looking at yourself and your behaviour and trying to do and be better. Sometimes those bad habits are hard to break and sometimes it hurts to really take a serious look at yourself and figure out where,when and who got you fucked up.

So for me it’s really putting in the work in all aspects of my life.

It's taking the time to do all ten steps of my skincare routine.

It’s me setting aside 30 minutes to read every night.

It’s about me writing my way through my emotional responses and speaking up about my feels, both positive and negative.

It's planning my days and learning when to say no and also when to say yes.

It's visiting my therapist when I am feeling overwhelmed. 

It’s me making sure I get to exercise class and get enough sleep. It's taking my vitamins and keeping my skin moisturized. 

It’s me being more honest about my desires and also about me giving myself all the love that I want others to give me. 

It's about really putting my needs, wants and goals at the forefront of my life and sometimes that shit is hard to do.

Above all else, self-care is about listening to myself and giving my body and soul what it needs and wants.


P.S. I’m always here for the face masks.


Love and Light,

Ultra Rush

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