Meet Me Half Way

So it’s that mid year marker when we should be checking in on our progress with our goals. Based on my progress, I think it might be best to either archive these goals and try again next year or rework them.


Are we allowed to change our goals during the year or are we stuck with the reminders of our failures for the remainder of the year?

I guess it would depend on the nature of the goal and how we planned to measure success and achievement. We also have to reassess our situation, things may have changed and as such our goals may have to change with them. We may also have to see if we really want these things. I am sure I have changed in the last six months...maybe my January goals are not my July goals. Change is inevitable right? Why should our goals be any different?

I may be doing this because I am trying to comfort myself about my dismal performance with respect to achieving my goals but I must admit the idea has merit. Why can’t we wheel and come again with our goals? A new desire, a new approach and a new perspective may do us and our goals some good.


Love and Light,


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