Baggu Lady

As the great Erykah Badu once said ,

"One day all them bags gone get in your way,

So pack light

Ooh Ooh"

I'm still working on the packing light thing but in the meanwhile , I will enjoy having great looking bags to put my things into. Gotta see both sides right?

Here enters Baggu , a company that is focused on creating quality bags and accessories with simple designs and adorable prints. The brand is dedicated to providing high quality, high value environmentally friendly bags without sacrificing style or fun.

I'm a sucker for a good story and Baggu has it , they started with a the Standard Baggu , a reusable bag that comes with its own tiny carrying case. Their offerings have now extended to canvas and leather backpacks , totes , cross body bags and pouches.

I also enjoy anything that folds into itself as a means of saving space and most of their bags do. So far , I have bought a backpack, a duffel , two standard Baggu , one Big Baggu and one Baby Baggu. I have had no problems with any of my purchases and neither has my mother who has commandeered half of my bags.  The bags come in wide variety of prints , they are sturdy and are so small you can tuck even the largest size into a hand bag or even your pocket.

It gives me the warm fuzzies to know that by using the products and opting out of plastic bags that I am doing something good for the environment while still looking cute because face it , lugging around plastic grocery bags is not cute. Hot gyal a walk wid lada bag? I think not! One baggu or two solves that problem. The bags are also great for quick trips to the beach or the riverside and for longer trips because for some reason packing for the return flight always seems to be a bit more difficult. At least for me. 

The bags starts at $7 USD and there is usually a coupon or two floating around the interwebs. I found a few here. My top picks can be seen below.  


What do you think about Baggu? Do you know any other brands that are making environmentally friendly bags and accessories? Please share.


Love and Light,


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